Old projects

Andrea, a distributed, object-oriented window system.

VIrus Interceptor v2.0 for DOS - an advanced VIrus Interceptor that use heuristic methods to detect viral intruders and system stealthing. It can detect ANY virus active in memory, even this is not a known virus, by analyzing the results of viral attacks. Anyway, it knowns how to deal with particular viruses. VI may be used not only to detect viruses, but to prevent virus infections, too. It can maintain a integrity database, so to verify anytime if your files are intact or not, and to try to restore the infected files. It offers ways to analyse how the viruses work, analyzing the Memory Control Blocks (MCBs), software interrupts, memory size, and so on... It can perform a heuristic scan of your data using a sophisticated analyze of program's code. This way, it can predict if a program is infected or not. VI 2.0 was released on August 12, 1996.

VI should still be available on ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/virus/vi20.zip.

Acstract v1.3 for DOS - an enhanced file encryptor. It includes an 32 bit encryption algorithm that uses random encryption keys. There are 128 possible encryption mutations of this algorithm. It can encrypt even executable files, which will be decrypted automatically when start. A lot of other features (pseudo-graphical controls, passwords, etc.).

Cpu v1.0 for DOS - guess processor type and CPU speed.

MEmoryMAP v1.0 for DOS - displays the memory utilisation map

Untar v2.3 for DOS - unshrink TAR compressed files. TAR for DOS has the limitation that cannot expand some directories and files from UNIX-style to DOS-style. This program was written for that purpose and no more. Untar 2.3 allows you:

  • unshrinking tar files (untar automatically finds equivalences from UNIX-
    style filenames with DOS style);
  • converting text files from UNIX format to DOS format and viceversa;
  • if no filename equivalence were found, untar ask you to enter other filename;
  • logging filename changes to a file.

Wipe v1.0 for DOS - purge and delete files (no undelete possibility guaranteed, except for Novell networks, where you should use Novell's purge instead).

ADT Object Vision v1.0 for DOS - Turbo Pascal 6.0/7.0 units for OOP programming, slightly like Turbo Vision, with a pseudo-graphical user interface, cooperative multitasking, conventional/extended/expanded memory manager, swap to disk, etc. (never released)

Fractal Mania v1.4 for DOS - fractals representations for:

  • Julia and Mandelbrot domains
  • fractal courves: Sierpinski's carpet, Koch's courve (3 versions), Peano's courve, Perron's tree, Sierpinski's courve, Vandervalden's courve, etc.
  • It includes a integrated environment that allow you to save/restore graphical images containing fractals, image printing, on-line help, etc.

There are a lot of other things that I written; but I think they are too insignificants and, besides, I'm too lazy to mention them here :-)

These programs are still floating around the net somewhere, I guess. If you are interested in one, please contact me.